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DIPS Bhogpur organised the leaf hunt activity.

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Bhogpur: DIPS, Bhogpur organised “ Leaf Hunt Activity” under the guidance of Principal Raminder Kaur for pre-wing students. The event was organised keeping in mind the importance of Tress, Plantation and leaves. For the activity, the parents were asked to send five to six leaves from different plants. The students pasted the leaves on the scrapbook creating beautiful patterns like butterflies, fruits, insects, etc.

‘Quizalize’ Activity in The Nobel School

Indian Education
 In the present scenario, keeping in view the growing need of computer, an activity 'Quizalize’ was organized in The Nobel School.  Only computer related questions were asked in the quiz. The Quiz was conducted by creating teams from all the classes named as ‘Control Gods’, ‘Technie Tribe’, ‘Innovation Skyline’, ‘Word Fanatics’. Activity was divided into four different categories. 

Maths in everyday life activity held at DIPS UGGI

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 “Fun with Maths”activity was organized at DIPS UGGI ,  Math’s  is an integral part of our day to day life To create interest for math’s  among the students some activities were organized in the school. Some shops were set up and the little students learnt how to visit a shop and purchase things. They learnt about transaction also. Shapes of various objects were shown to teac

DIPS blooming dales organized creative kite making activity

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JALANDHAR: DIPS Blooming Dales held a creative kite making activity in school .  The little blossoms of Pre-Wing wore Punjabi Attire and looked stunning. In this activity, the kids decorated the kites in different ways. During this activity students were taught that as we can control the thread of kite and fly it in our own way, likewise, the control of our life is in our hands. So, we have to take charge of our life and always try to get best out of it. Students were very enthusiastic. Different stalls were there containing sweets and other eatables.

Dips organized activity on world health day.

Indian Education
JALANDHAR: World health day was celebrated at DIPS UE-1 to generate awareness in the kids about the importance of healthy life style. Various activities like Doctor/Patient, Rhymes, and Games were conducted to entertain the kids. The theme of the enactment was “Hello How are you”? All kids participated enthusiastically and kids were also asked to bring healthy tiffin and fruits.