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Several questions left unanswered

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Mohali, October 26

While the Mohali police claim to have solved the double murder case with the arrest of Gaurav Kumar, the police theory leaves several questions unanswered.

The police claimed the accused hid near the main door after ringing the doorbell. Given the nature of KJ Singh as per his close acquaintances, he never opened the door for anybody without prior appointment.

  •  Why did he open the main entrance door, having an iron grid, on a rainy night, that too when he saw nobody in sight and especially when he had “slapped” a stranger during a tiff with him just a few hours ago?
  • Another question is that from day one, the police were claiming that the crime was the handiwork of at least two persons as per circumstantial evidence. Even senior officials were claiming that at least two sharp weapons were used in the crime. The police now claim that Gaurav alone murdered the mother-son duo with a kitchen knife.
  • Why have the police started denying their own theories, based on circumstantial evidence?
  • KJ Singh had received deep stab wounds in his chest and stomach and his vital organs had come out of the body. Can a simple kitchen knife inflict such deep injuries?
  • Why didn’t the accused, who remained in the house for nearly an hour and 20 minutes, take KJ Singh’s gold chain and his mother’s purse containing Rs 25,000, which was lying near her bed. Why did he leave expensive cameras and other such gadgets and took along a cheap LCD with a set-up box and DVR?
  • What was the purpose of roaming and making videos of KJ Singh’s house for at least two hours by five suspects, who were rounded up by the police a couple of days ago?
  • Given the nature of KJ Singh and his acquaintances’ claims, the victim was polite and couldn’t have slapped any person. If such a thing had occurred, why didn’t he tell about the incident to his elder brother Vijay Pal Singh during his last phone call at 7.27 pm on the fateful day?

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